OCTOBER 16TH – 22ND 2023

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WHAT IS the future of our BIOECONOMY?

Collective Action and Change

Bioeconomy Ireland Week is an annual week-long event held each October to highlight and raise awareness of Ireland’s rapidly growing bioeconomy. The celebration is a collaboration of events and awareness raising initiatives involving industry, local communities, producers, researchers and students throughout Ireland. This years theme is All Voices Together, where a broad range of stakeholders from across Ireland’s bioeconomy will demonstrate and share how individually and collectively the natural environment can be utilized in a sustainable and circular way to help archive a fair and prosperous society.     


Have your say on the future of the bioeconomy

The opinions of primary producers are vital to develop our bioeconomy in the right way.


Join in exciting science and arts activities

Learn about the nature all around us and how it helps drive our bioeconomy!


See how the bioeconomy impacts you

You might be asking what is the bioeconomy? Explore our online exhibit to learn how it affects your daily life.


How to help develop the future bioeconomy  

 The bioeconomy has the potential to address many societal challenges. Bioeconomy covers a broad range of sectors, from agriculture and the agri-food industry, to fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, biorefineries, chemistry, waste and (bio) energy. Therefore policy implementation requires a coordinated inter-departmental and cross-government approach. 


Developing a sustainable and circular bio-based economy

The new bioeconomy vision is to unlock the full potential of all types of sustainably sourced biomass including residual biomasses, such as crop residues, industrial side-streams, and food waste, as well as organic municipal waste by transforming it into value-added products. New biorefinery technologies mean we can use biological resources more efficiently and help us develop solutions to environmental and climate challenges related to our food, waste and energy systems.

On the 16th – 22nd October 2023

The Irish Bioeconomy Network is building an  exciting programme of hands-on workshops, networking events, insightful discussions and interactive activities. We welcome communities, groups, producers, researchers, artists, industry and others to join our programme with  your own activities and events.  Join us in sparking discussions around the bioeconomy and a natural, circular and sustainable future. All activities and events are welcome *

We are seeking activities addressing the following topics and audiences:


  • Circular Bioeconomy
  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Bio-waste Management
  • Blue Bioeconomy


  • Citizens
  • Kids
  • Industry Professionals
  • Policymakers
  • Primary Producers

*When organizing events please be mindful that Covid-19 still remains within society and we encourage that all recent HSE government guidelines are followed. 

To submit an activity, fill in our simple form and we’ll be in touch. Please note we’ll be accepting contributions until the 30 September

Check out our guide which provides examples of the kind of activities you could run as well as tips for doing this digitally!