Pint of Bioeconomy

Stag's Head 1 Dame Court, Dublin, Ireland

BiOrbic presents an evening of engaging talks that will give you a window into the latest 'bioeconomy' research! This year we're marine themed with talks related to plastic-eating bacteria, 'blue farming' and feeding Ireland from the coastline. Here's the evening's line-up: Plastic to Plastic: How Bacteria can Contribute to the Bioeconomy - Rhys Orimaco Conscience […]

Scenario modelling and monitoring to develop a sustainable bioeconomy in Ireland and Europe


Bioeconomy project recently launched called INFORMBIO project ( funded by DAFM is going to  share its objectives about monitoring the biomass flows and study the future of bioeconomy in Ireland to meet 2050 EU targets. Furthermore, a roundtable with guests from the EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System developed by Joint Research Centre and BioMonitor project (EU […]

Diversity in Bioeconomy

Portershed Eyre Square, Galway

The aim of this event is to create a platform for networking among the diverse range of people that work in the bioeconomy sector in Ireland. Firstly, through shining a spotlight on entrepreneurs, researchers and experts who are advancing the Irish bioeconomy enhancing our economic competitiveness on the global stage. This will be followed by […]


BioWill – creating a biorefinery for Willow Trees


BioWILL is an Interreg NWE funded project focusing on Integrated "Zero Waste" Biorefinery utilising all fractions of Willow feedstock for the production of high to medium based Bio-Chemicals/Materials, Renewable Energy in the form of Bio Methane production and Natural Fertilisers. Existing biorefinery technologies focus on food waste (AgriChemWhey), algae (Abacus), forestry residue (Bioforever) for the […]

Blue Bioeconomy

Westside Library Seamus Quirke Road, Galway, Ireland

The Blue Bioeconomy involves using biological resources from water such as fish, seaweed, mussels, starfish, sea cucumbers, lobster and even bacteria to make products or services.  This includes food, medicine, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and much more. It also relies on sustainable practices to make sure that we do not damage the environment and that there […]


Rubbish Ramble

Ballymun Health Care Facility

BiOrbic, in partnership with Tidy Towns Ballymun invites you to join us on Saturday to clean up Ballymun! Head to the Ballymun Health Care Facility at 11AM to join us. We'll spend some time picking up litter and afterwards, head to the Rediscovery centre for some refreshments and talks.  The talks will be from two […]

BiOrbic BioBus Tour

Locations across Ireland

The BioBus is a mobile exhibit that will tour Ireland for 5 weeks reaching every county. The exhibit explores our petrochemical economy and heavy reliance on crude oil in many of the products we use on a daily basis. This is followed by an explanation of what the bioeconomy is and how this can help […]

Secondary School Competition – Win a Wool Education Box


Calling All Wool Enthusiasts: Secondary School Teachers and 4th Year Students – Win a Wool Education Box Are you passionate about design, textiles, innovation, and promoting sustainable natural Irish fibres in crafts, fashion and environmental issues? Then we have got an exciting opportunity for you! Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre and Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South-West at […]

Launch event: Communities, Regions & Cities – The ‘Bioeconomy in Action’ in your Region


The launch event for Bioeconomy Ireland Week 2023 will take place on Monday 16 October 2023 from 09.30 to 12.30. The event, titled 'Communities, Regions & Cities – The ‘Bioeconomy in Action’ in your Region', is being organised by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, in partnership with the Southern Regional Assembly. Martin […]

MidWest Circular Bioeconomy Day

Bernal Institute, University of Limerick

MidWest Circular Bioeconomy Day in Limerick is organised as a full day workshop with key national and international stakeholders from academia, industry and policy makers to discuss a number of urgent questions such as: Is there a need for mapping current and future scenarios for availability and supply chains of eligible biogenic carbon and cicular […]

Opportunities for Irish biomass and biochar to contribute to Ireland’s sustainable bioeconomy


Aim: To approach society to 1) the potential of the innovative and versatile outputs from the InformBio project: Biomass arisings database and the Environmental Risk Assessment tool and 2) link project results to the current situation of biochar generation in Ireland and 3) brief showcase of key projects linked to biochar generation in Ireland and […]

Sustainability Series Workshop on Food Waste

MoLI – Museum of Literature Ireland, 86 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 and Online

In some places such as South Africa, the US and Ireland, there is still a poor public perception of Energy-from-Waste. Lack of transparency during the decision-making process or not inviting residents and stakeholders to be part of the project as well as lack of information exchange between the operators and the clients may lead to […]