Biopesticides and Biostimulants for Crop Production


The aim of this workshop is to engage stakeholders in a discussion about the use of biobased fertilisers and biopesticides in Irish agriculture. The workshop will feature short presentations from researchers working on testing the efficacy, environmental impact and economic feasibility of biobased products in barley growth. These researchers are part of the Department of […]

The Plastic Problem: An Irish Perspective for a Global Challenge


How can we deal with the plastic pollution in the environment and ensure that future needs are met more sustainably? Plastics have been detected in nearly every ecosystem in the world. They poison wildlife, make their way into the food chain to affect human health and yet we seem unable to move away from our […]


Origin Green – How can the bioeconomy support the Pathways to Net Zero initiative?


Origin Green, Ireland’s national food and drink sustainability programme, has published new procedures and guidelines that put carbon emission targets on a mandatory footing for food and drink manufacturers as the sector seeks to accelerate its contribution to the Programme for Government’s aim of carbon neutrality by 2050. This marks a significant shift for the […]