Bioeconomy – The Blue Perspective


Launch of a new event series run by Marine Innovation Development Centre, Údarás na Gaeltachta and the Marine Institute. This is an informative event outlining what the blue bioeconomy is, showcasing the relevant supports available within the blue bioeconomy and an overview of projects and businesses operating within the blue bioeconomy. For more information and […]


Tree Explorers

University College Cork

Are you based in Cork? If so, why not take a tour around UCC's arboretum and learn all about trees! To mark Bioeconomy Ireland Week, Dr Eoin Lettice, Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich and Emma Hutchinson will lead an in-person tour through some of the highlights of the UCC Arboretum. This event is supported by the […]


BiOrbic’s Rubbish Ramble!

sean moore park Sean Moore Park, Dublin, Ireland

BiOrbic invites you to join us on Saturday to a 'plogging' event. What? Plogging is where you jog or walk through the city, picking up litter as you go. On Saturday we will have two teams: Jogging Team Lead: Tanja Narancic Walking Team Lead: Burcu Akkoyunlu Each team will walk or jog for one hour […]

Irish Seaweed with Dr Paul MacArtain from Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dundalk Library Roden Place, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland

Marine algae globally is an industry worth $14 billion and food ingredients and industrial products are reliant on the polysaccharides extracted from marine algae. In Ireland, there has been harvesting of seaweed for industrial purposes since the 1940's with the establishment of the alginate industries (Ireland) in 1947.  Irish seaweeds range from industrially harvested brown […]


BioBeo and the Bioeconomy

Maynooth Community Library Main Street, Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland

Maynooth University lecturer, Dr Máire Nic an Bhaird, from the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education, has a leading role in a €2 million bioeconomy education project for primary, secondary and 3rd level students across Europe. She will join us in Maynooth Library to discuss the importance of the bioeconomy in regard to Europe’s […]


Mushrooms to unlock the future of the bioeconomy

Monaghan Town Library North Road,, Monaghan, Ireland

Feeding the world sustainably is one of the biggest challenges for the future. But can the humble mushroom help solve the challenge of food security in our changing environment. Join Dr Tony Martin Callaghan, co-founder of Niskus Biotech, a company of visionary scientists who are using fungi to create the new generation of sustainable functional […]


Pint of Bioeconomy

Stag's Head 1 Dame Court, Dublin, Ireland

BiOrbic presents an evening of engaging talks that will give you a window into the latest 'bioeconomy' research! This year we're marine themed with talks related to plastic-eating bacteria, 'blue farming' and feeding Ireland from the coastline. Here's the evening's line-up: Plastic to Plastic: How Bacteria can Contribute to the Bioeconomy - Rhys Orimaco Conscience […]

Scenario modelling and monitoring to develop a sustainable bioeconomy in Ireland and Europe


Bioeconomy project recently launched called INFORMBIO project ( funded by DAFM is going to  share its objectives about monitoring the biomass flows and study the future of bioeconomy in Ireland to meet 2050 EU targets. Furthermore, a roundtable with guests from the EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System developed by Joint Research Centre and BioMonitor project (EU […]

BioWill – creating a biorefinery for Willow Trees


BioWILL is an Interreg NWE funded project focusing on Integrated "Zero Waste" Biorefinery utilising all fractions of Willow feedstock for the production of high to medium based Bio-Chemicals/Materials, Renewable Energy in the form of Bio Methane production and Natural Fertilisers. Existing biorefinery technologies focus on food waste (AgriChemWhey), algae (Abacus), forestry residue (Bioforever) for the […]

Blue Bioeconomy

Westside Library Seamus Quirke Road, Galway, Ireland

The Blue Bioeconomy involves using biological resources from water such as fish, seaweed, mussels, starfish, sea cucumbers, lobster and even bacteria to make products or services.  This includes food, medicine, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and much more. It also relies on sustainable practices to make sure that we do not damage the environment and that there […]


Rubbish Ramble

Ballymun Health Care Facility

BiOrbic, in partnership with Tidy Towns Ballymun invites you to join us on Saturday to clean up Ballymun! Head to the Ballymun Health Care Facility at 11AM to join us. We'll spend some time picking up litter and afterwards, head to the Rediscovery centre for some refreshments and talks.  The talks will be from two […]

BiOrbic BioBus Tour

Locations across Ireland

The BioBus is a mobile exhibit that will tour Ireland for 5 weeks reaching every county. The exhibit explores our petrochemical economy and heavy reliance on crude oil in many of the products we use on a daily basis. This is followed by an explanation of what the bioeconomy is and how this can help […]